How to handle your work injury in five steps

If you have been injured in work, it is critical to understand the process of handling your injury—especially if you need to be compensated. First, you need to report the injury to office management. By doing this, you have record of the injury, and management is aware of what happened. Second, you must seek medical […]

Injured Workers: 4 Companies Cited for Amputation Hazards

In most workplace environments nationwide, including in California, hazards exist that threaten the lives of workers. While federal regulators expect company owners to follow prescribed safety protocols, many injured workers suffer the consequences of the disregard some employers have for employee safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that four companies in another state were […]

OSHA Citations Lead to Fewer Workplace Injuries

Workplace safety issues and work accidents can lead to serious injuries for workers in California. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigates workplace accidents and inspects workplaces to identify safety hazards to keep workers safe. The question of OSHA investigations paying off is one that has been hard to answer. A new study has attempted […]

Health Care Workers in California Put their Lives on Line in ER

Many members of the nursing industry in California are disillusioned by the life-threatening hazards that have become part of their daily lives. Some contend that circumstances in the nursing industry have changed, and current conditions are not acceptable. Nurses are standing together in their call for improved protection for health care workers. Nurses, especially those who […]

Needlestick Injuries Pose Huge Risk to Health Care Workers

Workers in health care facilities are exposed to multiple safety hazards on a daily basis. One of the biggest risks is posed by needles and other sharp objects used in the line of medical duties. The California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations related to these dangers and expects the owners […]

Federal Safety Enforcement may Lessen Number of Injured Workers

When the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s inspectors are out and about, they keep their eyes open for unsafe workplace environments. If they come across sites at which it is evident that workers are in danger of being injured, they have the authority to issue stop-work orders. In their efforts to […]

Workplace Accidents: Worker Dies when Trapped by Concrete Slab

California construction workers rely on their employers to protect them from harm by providing safe workplace environments. The California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribe safety regulations to cover all aspects of construction, and workplace accidents may be avoided if company owners comply. Workers must be provided with personal protection equipment and […]

Workplace Accidents: Operator Injured in Excavator Roll-over

Company owners in California who are concerned about the welfare and safety of their workers typically carry out hazard assessments prior to commencement of projects. Identifying and addressing dangerous issues can limit the incidents of workplace accidents. Areas in which mechanical equipment is operated could have hidden hazards, and working on uneven surfaces can cause […]

Injured Workers: Car and Truck Washers Exposed to Chemical Burns

California workers in different industries are exposed to hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. The Department of Labor & Industries recently published results of research that was done by its SHARP Program. The study showed that hydrofluoric acid — a chemical typically used for commercial washing of vehicles — can adversely affect workers who come […]

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