Were You Denied Medical Treatment

If you have filed a workers’ compensation claim with your employer, you should be authorized to receive medical treatment immediately or within one working day. However, this authorization does not mean that your claim is approved — nor that you will have a trouble-free experience getting necessary treatment in the future.

Denial Of Treatment? Your San Fernando Valley Attorney Is One Call Away.

California workers’ compensation law is ever-evolving. A new law that went into effect July 1, 2013, makes it essential to appeal any denial of medical treatment by your work comp insurer within 30 days.

The best way to learn your rights and protect yourself is to consult a dedicated workers’ comp attorney such as Peter M. Hsiao as soon after suffering an injury as possible. We will also do everything possible to help if your claim has been wrongfully denied, or when you have any concerns at all about the medical treatment you are entitled to receive.

Get The Help You Need To Navigate Complicated Processes

Injured workers are at a great disadvantage when insurance companies deny them medical treatment. The claims administrator may decide that a procedure the doctor recommends is not “evidence-based” or cite statutory limits on how many chiropractic or physical therapy treatments are allowed, for example. The laws that apply are so complex that any non-lawyer may be at a loss for how to contest these statements. Other disputes may arise over:

  • Whether you are entitled to choose your own physician or other care provider
  • Whether the treatments recommended by a doctor are in your best interest
  • When you are sufficiently recovered to return to work — or whether you have a permanent disability

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In the worst situations, injured employees do not seek or receive the medical treatment they need because they are uncertain whether it will be covered. This can allow a condition to worsen and the suffering endured may be absolutely unnecessary.

If you have been denied medical care near Los Angeles, attorney Peter M. Hsiao will look into the situation personally and identify the best strategy for your case. We deal with our clients’ concerns promptly and communicate actively every step of the way. Please contact our firm now by telephone or email for the legal counsel you need in this traumatic time.

You do not pay any fees upfront. Attorney’s fees are contingent upon the benefits you receive and are determined by a workers’ compensation judge. Fees customarily average 15 percent of the settlement or benefits obtained.

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