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Affected By Work-Related Injuries

If you have been hurt on the job or become ill due to harmful working conditions, you need to focus on your recovery. The added stress of trying to navigate the workers’ compensation system can be overwhelming. If you need guidance to file your work comp claim or have run into any problem getting benefits, seek professional representation right away.


Prompt, Personal Attention To Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Attorney Peter M. Hsiao is dedicated to helping injured workers throughout the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities get the medical treatment and wage replacement benefits they deserve. He will listen to you carefully and work your case directly. You do not have to worry about being “passed on” to a non-lawyer representative or assistant at any point.

Why Turn To Our California Workers’ Comp Law Firm?

Mr. Hsiao will talk openly with you about any concerns you have after any type of workplace accident, at any point in the process. He has extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claim denials and appeals. Consider that:

  • Peter M. Hsiao gained years of valuable experience working on the insurance defense side of workers’ compensation cases, so he has the advantage of knowing their objectives and tactics.
  • We have effectively protected the rights of people from many cultural backgrounds who were dealing with various types of injuries and workplace illnesses. Se habla español.
  • Your initial consultation with Peter M. Hsiao will cost you nothing, and you will pay no attorney fees unless you obtain workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Our firm receives and welcomes many referrals from attorneys practicing in other areas of the law.

Call 213-984-2678 Now For Your Free Consultation

If you have been injured on the job, you do not have to wait for a problem with your workers’ compensation case to contact us at the Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao. In many situations, we help injured workers avoid problems. However, if you are having difficulties with your benefits, reach out to our law firm and we will immediately prioritize your case.

You do not pay any fees upfront. Attorney’s fees are contingent upon the benefits you receive and are determined by a workers’ compensation judge. Fees customarily average 15 percent of the settlement or benefits obtained.

Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao

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