Health Care Worker Injuries

Working as a registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), nursing home employee, in-home health care aide or other health care provider is extremely physically demanding. Injury risks are ever-present, from the strain of lifting and moving patients to falls from rushing to meet patient needs and a wide range of other demanding situations. Have you been hurt on the job?If you have been injured performing work duties, seriously enough that you must miss substantial work time or be unable to return to your job, finding the right lawyer could be critical for your future. Attorney Peter M. Hsiao personally handles all aspects of workers’ compensation claims and appeals for victims of health care worker injuries in the Los Angeles area.

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Unfortunately, many dedicated health care workers run into problems when they apply for workers’ compensation benefits after workplace accidents. Disputes arise over the extent of injuries, whether they are work-related,necessary medical treatment and other issues. This can happen with any type of claim, including those associated with:

  • Back, neck and other injuries caused by sudden or repetitive lifting, twisting and other actions
  • Knee, ankle, wrist, arm and other orthopedic injuries suffered in workplace falls
  • Painful musculoskeletal conditions that develop over time due to the intense demands of the job
  • Disabling psychiatric conditions that can be directly attributed to stress in the work environment
  • Life-threatening infections, including HIV or MRSA, contracted at work and other serious job-related illnesses
  • Injuries suffered in an attack by a patient or resident with mental illness

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At the Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao, a highly experienced lawyer will be glad to talk with you about filing your workers’ compensation claim, appealing a wrongful denial or addressing other problems at any point in the process. His experience representing insurers in these cases is an important asset for anyone trying to get the medical and wage replacement benefits he or she deserves. For your free consultation, call 213-984-2678 or contact us online now.

You do not pay any fees upfront. Attorney’s fees are contingent upon the benefits you receive and are determined by a workers’ compensation judge. Fees customarily average 15 percent of the settlement or benefits obtained.

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