Injured Workers: 4 Companies Cited for Amputation Hazards

In most workplace environments nationwide, including in California, hazards exist that threaten the lives of workers. While federal regulators expect company owners to follow prescribed safety protocols, many injured workers suffer the consequences of the disregard some employers have for employee safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that four companies in another state were recently cited for similar safety violations.

The first violator was an amusement park where a worker suffered a fractured leg because maintenance was done on equipment without turning off the power. The second was a supplier of ready mix cement where workers were exposed to active machine parts while cleaning the inside of the cement hoppers and greasing the rollers of conveyors. Two other companies in the same area were cited for similar violations.

OSHA reported that these four companies all exposed their workers to amputation hazards. None of them had lockout/tagout procedures in place. Workers were expected to carry out maintenance and cleaning operations while they were exposed to working machine parts. The agency also found that workers were not trained in proper shutdown procedures.

Any amputation injury is regarded as severe; even losing a fingertip can jeopardize a worker’s ability to continue working in a chosen profession. Injured workers in California who have lost any body parts in on-the-job accidents may pursue claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Along with the typical compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, additional payments may be considered. Compensation awarded will depend on the severity of the injury, and the level of disability caused by the amputation.

Source:, “OSHA fines Cedar Fair over injury“, Tyrel Linkhorn, Dec. 5, 2015

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