Orthopedic Work Injuries

All of us have had the experience of slipping down a set of stairs, tripping over an upturned rug, or lifting a heavy object only to incur excruciating back pain. Generally we ice the area, take some aspirin and are up and around in no time.

But what happens when the injury takes more than ice and aspirin? And if the injury is incurred at work, who will bear the responsibility for the medical bills? What about lost wages while you recover?

The Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao understands that there are employers and companies who prefer not to let you know that any injury sustained at work is covered by workers’ compensation – an insurance that covers medical expenses and lost wages.

Physical Injury And Orthopedic Workers’ Compensation Attorney Serving The San Fernando Valley

It’s no secret that many insurance companies deny claims on a regular basis: Either they believe that another party is responsible for payments, or they assert that, in fact, no injury exists.

If you are unable to work because of a work-related injury, you are best served by having an attorney handle your claim. If you have had even minor dealings with insurance companies, you know that even the smallest claim can turn into a mountain of paperwork.

The Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao has extensive experience working with insurance companies, claim denials and, when necessary, involving experts to determine your current condition and any future complications that might be the result of the injury.

Our firm has had success with work injuries related to:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Joints
  • Hands
  • Wrists

Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Allow lawyer Peter M. Hsiao to provide you the help that you need and the protection you deserve.

The Well-Being Of The Greater Community Begins With The Well-Being Of You.

The Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao was created to help ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. We have a long history dealing with insurance companies and the often cumbersome red tape that accompanies claims.

We understand that if you have been injured, you need time to rest and recuperate. With representation from the lawyers at Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao, you can be assured that we comprehensively handle your case, leaving you to handle your recovery.

If you are in the greater Los Angeles and southern California area, please contact us for your free consultation. No fee will be charged unless compensation is recovered.*

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