Psychiatric Work Injuries

The Invisible Illness

When someone sustains a broken bone or has a cancerous tumor, an MRI or CAT scan gives us clear and unequivocal documentation that a physical injury or illness exists.

Unfortunately for those suffering from depression or PTSD, there is no X-ray for the human psyche. If there were, the numbers of cracks and fractures uncovered would be astonishing.

The Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao knows that work-related psychiatric injuries are not only difficult to prove for the very reason that there is little tangible way of definitely proving a disease exists, but that this lack of physical “proof” leads many people to continue to insist that “you should just get over it.”

Emotional Stress And Psychiatric Workers’ Compensation Attorney Serving The San Fernando Valley

Hostile and extreme working environments can create not only physical ailments such as ulcers and high blood pressure, they can result in emotional stresses that become so debilitating, workers are often compromised – or entirely unable to perform their duties.

Some of these illnesses include:

  • Excessive pressure
  • Sexual harassment
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Verbal abuse in the workplace
  • Depression sometimes due to a workplace injury
  • Unable to sleep/too much sleep due to stress at work

Individuals who suffer from these injuries often suffer doubly: First from the injury itself, secondly from the stigma attached to it. If this is your situation, please contact us immediately. You will encounter a compassionate, caring, concerned law office that offers exceptional legal counsel.

The Well-Being Of The Greater Community Begins With The Well-Being Of You.

The Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao was created to help ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. We have a long history dealing with insurance companies and the often cumbersome red tape that accompanies claims.

We understand that if you have been injured, you need time to rest and recuperate. With representation from the lawyers at Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao, you can be assured that we comprehensively handle your case, leaving you to handle your recovery.

If you are in the greater southern and Los Angeles and southern California area, please contact us for your free consultation. No fee will be charged unless compensation is recovered.*

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