Toxic Exposure

Many of the most serious work-related illnesses result from exposure to harmful chemicals and other unsafe conditions in the workplace. The harm suffered by workers may occur suddenly due to a fire, explosion or spill, but more often it is a result of breathing noxious fumes or inhaling a toxic substance over time.If you believe your respiratory ailment or lung disease, thinking difficulties, depression, chronic headaches or other serious health problems are due to toxic exposure at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Such claims are often contested by insurers and challenging to prove. You should speak with a highly experienced California workers’ comp lawyer such as Peter M. Hsiao as soon as possible.

Was Your Illness Caused By Asbestos, Silica, Toxic Chemicals Or Mold?

Some of the most widely recognized hazardous substances that impact workers include asbestos, silica and benzene. Exposure to any of these substances can cause cancer and a range of other life-altering or fatal conditions. Other serious illness can result from:

  • Toxic mold exposure in a “sick building,” which has been linked to conditions ranging from severe allergic reactions, asthma and memory loss
  • Health care workers‘ exposure to radiation, medical waste or other harmful conditions and substances in hospitals, clinics and other such facilities

Your San Fernando Valley Attorney For Chemical Exposure Claims

Your right to medical treatment and wage replacement benefits under California workers’ compensation laws does not require demonstration that a specific workplace accident caused your injury. However, once you suspect toxic exposure has made you ill, it is critical to take prompt action. Failing to report this to your employer in a timely manner can be a mistake you seriously regret.

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We urge you to contact our law firm right away after any serious workplace accident or the onset of an illness linked to toxic exposure. You will consult and work directly with Peter M. Hsiao, an experienced Los Angeles attorney for toxic exposure victims. Se habla español.

You do not pay any fees upfront. Attorney’s fees are contingent upon the benefits you receive and are determined by a workers’ compensation judge. Fees customarily average 15 percent of the settlement or benefits obtained.

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