Workplace Accidents: Operator Injured in Excavator Roll-over

Company owners in California who are concerned about the welfare and safety of their workers typically carry out hazard assessments prior to commencement of projects. Identifying and addressing dangerous issues can limit the incidents of workplace accidents. Areas in which mechanical equipment is operated could have hidden hazards, and working on uneven surfaces can cause accidents resulting in severe injuries or death.

A 52-year-old worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries when the excavator he was operating tipped over. The circumstances causing the roll-over were not mentioned. Rescue workers from the fire department arrived and used a forklift from another business to lift the escalator that was resting on one of the worker’s legs.

Although this worker’s injuries are reported to be severe but non-life threatening and limited to his lower leg, being pinned under a piece of heavy equipment could cause catastrophic injuries. Such injuries may have long-term consequences and could even jeopardize a worker’s ability to continue working. Fortunately, financial relief is available from the workers’ compensation insurance system, and most workers are covered by it.

California workers who have suffered injuries in workplace accidents may pursue compensation by filing benefit claims. The fund typically covers medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages. In cases in which permanent or temporary disabilities were caused by on-the-job accidents, additional compensation may be considered. Also, vocational training may be provided to equip a victim with alternative skills if the disability prevents him or her from continuing a previous occupation.

Source:, “Worker injured in construction accident in Freetown“, Curt Brown, Sept. 8, 2015

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