Workplace Accidents

Like a lot of hard working people who have been injured at work, you probably have a lot of questions:

  • How can you make certain you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury so you can continue to take care of your self and your loved ones?
  • Will you be able to get the medical care you need paid for so you can begin healing and get your life back?
  • What do I do with all of this paperwork?

Additionally, your employer or the insurance company may be putting undue pressure on you to settle for less compensation than you deserve or pressure you to go back to work before you are able.

You need an experienced, compassionate work injury lawyer on your side to get the care and compensation you deserve so you can get better and get your life back.

Peter M. Hsiao Has The Compassion and Experience You Need

Work injury lawyer Peter M. Hsiao has over 15 years of experience, with nearly a decade of representing major insurance companies. This means he understands their strategies, mentality, and methods and knows how to stand up to them to advocate for you. Peter will meet with you personally to take the time to understand your personal situation, make certain you are properly evaluated, so you can receive the care and compensation you deserve.

Peter and his team pride themselves on their responsiveness to their clients so they can rest assured their case is being handled.

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Clear Answers To Your Questions · Prompt Action To Help You Recover

In most cases, fault for a work accident does not impact your right to benefits. You cannot be legally fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. We will welcome your call and advise you of where your work injury claim stands. Our firm is an outstanding resource after any type of serious work-related injurysuch as:

  • A head injury, broken bones or other injuries caused by a fall, blow, equipment malfunction or other event in an industrial, warehouse or office environment
  • Back, neck, shoulder, knee and other joint injuries caused by a specific incident or repetitively over time
  • All types of injuries suffered by nurses, in-home care providers and other health care workers
  • Injuries incurred in an on-the-job vehicle accident, whether as a delivery truck driver, construction worker or in any other line of work
  • Respiratory problems, psychiatric conditions and other serious ailments due to toxic exposure
  • Vision or hearing loss

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If you are looking for a Los Angeles area workplace accidents lawyer who will make your case a priority, contact us today at the Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao. Mr. Hsiao will provide a free consultation. We also welcome referrals from other attorneys.

You do not pay any fees upfront. Attorney’s fees are contingent upon the benefits you receive and are determined by a workers’ compensation judge. Fees customarily average 15 percent of your settlement or benefits obtained.

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